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Why Pest Control Companies Use Fleet Tracking

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Gpsinsight1 @gpsinsight

Why Pest Control Companies use Fleet Tracking

Every day, your business endures costs that have become what you may consider to be the “cost of doing business.” Sure, those costs will always be there, but they do not need to be nearly as high as they are. Pest control companies are using fleet tracking to solve some of your most difficult business challenges to cut operating costs and gain full visibility over their fleet. By using a fleet tracking solution, you can also protect your fleet against false claims, prevent labor theft, improve route efficiency, enable quick response times, and more.

Provide Proof of Service

In the pest control industry, it can be a challenge to provide proof of service due to the nature of the business. With fleet tracking data, you will have the ability to tell your customers what date, time, and how long your technician was at their home. Detailed stop reports will provide this information for any vehicle in your fleet, providing the proof you need during a customer dispute. Not only does providing proof of service protect your fleet against false claims, it improves customer relations too.

Reduce Costs with Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking can also help your pest control business prevent labor theft and reduce many other overhead costs. Put an end to timesheet disputes by identifying when drivers start and end their workday, how many breaks they take, and how many jobs they complete.

Why Pest Control Companies use Fleet Tracking

You can also cut costs by improving route efficiency. Monitor routes taken to and from jobsites to ensure drivers are taking the quickest routes possible. This will help to reduce fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicles, and prevent drivers from taking inefficient routes to pad hours.

Improved Response Time

Improve dispatch and respond quicker to customers by integrating Garmin and fleet tracking to your operations. Managers can send and receive messages with drivers, and send new stops right into their daily routes. New stops also include optimized routing to get your technician to the jobsite in the least amount of time. Not only will you be able to serve your customers sooner, you will also be able to take on more jobs per day.

Other ways that fleet tracking can benefit pest control companies include:

  • Increase driver accountability
  • Provide accurate ETA
  • Achieve fuel savings
  • And more!

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