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Why North Korea Collapsed

Posted on the 10 June 2015 by Calvinthedog

Of course they could have constant blackouts at night. Strange that they would have a black out at night. Everyone else has them during the day when power usage is highest. Could carry on into the night I guess.

They don’t have constant blackouts every single night!

Well I have two photos, first the fake one taken during a BLACKOUT, and then I have another one for how it normally looks. It is not quite as lit up as South Korea, but it is not catastrophically dark. It is about as lit up as a lot of Southern China. The difference isn’t really something you would obviously notice between the North and South. Sure the South is more lit up but the North is pretty lit up too.

You realize that the whole damn world is supposedly to be totally embargoing them, right? You realize the US has been embargoing them for 65 years right? You realize that there are terrible economic sanctions on them, right? You realize that they are currently locked out of the entire world banking system, right? You realize that until 1980, they were ahead of South Korea, right?

This is what happened. The USSR collapsed. North Korean agriculture was heavily mechanized. They were getting steeply discounted oil from the USSR. OVERNIGHT THE PRICE OF OIL WENT UP 10X!

Now think about this for just one second. What if the price of oil went up 10X overnight in the US? Gas is now $3.35/gallon. So overnite, a gallon of gas would suddenly cost $33/gallon. What do you think would happen to the US economy?

The skyrocketing price of oil is why they started having blackouts. That blackout may have gone on for a while, maybe more than 24 hours.

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