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Why Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Your skin protects your organs, bones, muscles, ligaments and everything that is on the inside. It is the largest organ that protects your system, and it serves your body to control temperature. If you want to know how someone takes care of themselves, one gander at their skin can give you a look at their lifestyle choices. So skincare is about the outside and inside of your body- take care of it!


Why Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin



The three steps of skincare for your face

1) Cleanser

This will be the most important part of your skincare regime. If you do nothing else, wash your face! Not just with a regular bar of soap, because this will frequently do more damage than good. Get a gel, foam or even a Neutrogena bar to wash off excess grease, dirt, etc so that you don’t clog your pores. If you want to get more specific you can get a cleaner that is based on your skin type (oily, normal or dry).


2) Exfoliate

Your skin goes through a natural process where it sheds off dead skin. Sometimes it will do this too slow, and you’ll end up with excess patches of skin on your face/body. Feel over your skin, if there are rough patches there is a chance it is time to exfoliate. A good exfoliation product will get rid of excess skin, and scrub away debris that may be lodged deep down in your pores. This step is usually only needed 1-2 a week. Even doing it once a month will dramatically increase the appearance of your complexion. Dead skin can make your complexion look very dull, and even cause breakouts.


3) Moisturize

If you want to avoid wrinkles, the best way to do it is using a moisturizer. Skin that is moisturized will stay more firm and less saggy then skin that is dried out. Also, if you want to avoid the anti-aging process and protect your health even more, consider a moisturizer with SPF protection. The sun will cause your skin to be damaged, die, wrinkles, and even can lead to skin cancer.


4) Lip balm

Use a chap stick to help protect your lips from the sun and keep them moisturized. Eventually not doing so can lead to cold sores (which sort of look like herpes) that is NOT attractive to the ladies at all. In fact, it is a repellent. There are plenty of neutral flavored and colored balms to choose from out there.


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