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Why Identity Politics Is Inherently Reactionary

Posted on the 19 September 2014 by Calvinthedog

I dislike all Identity Politics. They all suck. Identity Politics Blacks suck. IP Hispanics suck. IP Asians suck. IP gays suck. IP trannies suck. And of course Identity Politics feminists suck. Identity Politics Jews suck. Ethnic nationalists of all types suck. Hindu nationalists suck. White nationalists suck.

Why the Left has piggybacked on board all of these asinine movements is beyond me. Identity Politics is really like nationalism in a sense and it is inherently reactionary. IP feminists are nationalists supporting the “nation” of women. IP gays are nationalists supporting the gay nation. IP Blacks support the nation of Blacks. If ethnic nationalism is no good, then it corollaries in other “nations” such as the nations of women, gays, and transsexuals, is no good too.

Is it possible to be a sensible feminist? I suppose it is, but it requires some hair-splitting.

Identity Politics feminists = Bad
Non-identity politics feminists = Ok

Gender feminists = Bad
Equity feminists = Good

Radical feminists = Bad
Liberal feminists = Ok

I suppose it would look something like this? How to sort out the lunatic feminists from the sane ones? If she is running around screaming “sexism” or “sexist” all the time, she is a feminist nutcase.

How to sort out the sensible minorities from the loons? The Blacks that are running around yelling racism all the time are the nutballs.

Who are the reasonable gays and who are the kooks? The crazy gays are the ones running around yelling homophobia all the time.

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