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Why I Stand with Putin

Posted on the 09 August 2014 by Calvinthedog

Tulio writes:


Okay Robert, your words are written in stone. We’ll come back a year from now and see if Russia is better off. We don’t need Russia for anything, really. My life goes on as normal.

I really don’t get Robert’s pro-Russia attitudes. Robert says he’s a leftist, but that country is a nightmare for anyone with progressive values. It has the worst income inequality in the world for starters.


Yes, and who created that situation? The US and the West did! They created that whole Wild West capitalism in the 1990’s when they colonized Russia (Russia was a US colony in the 1990’s), destroyed and looted the Russian economy. This is what’s left after all of that. Things were just as bad in the 1990’s, but the US media never said a peep because we had colonized Russia and were making a killing looting the place.

Tulio posted about Russian corruption the other day, but corruption and organized crime was far worse in Russia in the 1990’s when Russia was a US colony, but not a peep was uttered. We only started hating on Russia when Putin came in, freed Russia from colonial status, threw out the Western looters and instituted a pro-Russian patriotic government. That’s what all the hate is about.

Much of the Hard Left in the world, especially Communist Parties, are lining up with Russia in this conflict. Not because Putin is a great guy, but that they realize how evil our plots against the Russian people are. The KPRF and KPU (Communist Party Russian Federation and Communist Party of Ukraine) are behind Putin 100% of the way. The imperialist enemy, the Empire, is attacking Mother Russia, and one man is fighting back.

The sanctions are not intended to hurt the US as we do not do a heck of a lot of trade with Russia anyway. But especially those agricultural sanctions are going to be very bad for Europe. You can trust me on that one. In particular the Baltics and Southern Europe. And preventing US airlines from flying over Russian airspace will hurt our airline industry.

I am standing up for Putin because US and Western imperialism is trying to destroy Russia for no good reason, apparently because it is a rival! Russia is 100% correct on the Ukraine issue, and the US and the West is 100% wrong. Russia is arming Syria and Iran against Western-Zionist imperialism. They are allied with Venezuela and Cuba. They are starting to form another economic alliance, the BRICS, that will bypass the Empire entirely.

I really could care less about Russia, but the US and the West has been picking a fight with them forever. The US and West destroyed Russia completely in the 1990’s and looted the place, stealing everything that wasn’t locked down. They want Russia to go back to the good old days when it was a colony of the US and the West. Putin is a patriot, and he stands tall against US/Western imperialism, bullying and attempts to rule the world. Putin and some others are trying to form another currency to bypass the dollar, which US imperialism uses as a Dictatorial Currency to bully everyone into going with it.

It’s not so much that I like Putin but that I am mad at the US and the West for picking a fight with Russia for no good reason. Russia has always wanted to be allies with us, not a US colony. We have turned them down every step of the way. We started this fight. We picked a fight with Russia for no other reason than that the US is the Bully of the World.

I hope people realize that there is a significant opposition to Putin inside Russia. A lot of these folks are good, patriotic Russians, and they have some good points to make against Putin. However a very large % of the patriotic opposition has rallied around Putin now that the US declared war on Russia with this crazy Ukraine gambit. I am like the Russian patriotic opposition. Russia is being attacked by US/Western imperialism, and Putin is trying to fend off these attackers and stand up for his country. I support Putin’s right to defend his country against the Western Monster intent on destroying Mother Russia.

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