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Why I Speak out

By Gran13


I speak out in order to explain the process. Every parent with a child suffering from a mental illness feels shock, loss, grief, fear, confusion, ambivalence, guilt sometimes, helplessness, hopelessness and despair. Most of my problems in coping with my feelings came from the fact that I was doing so without the added comfort of extended family and close friends. How could they possibly grasp the enormity of our problem that had taken us so long understand? How could they possibly understand. Some never did.

I asked: “How can I avoid regretting my hopes and dreams that have become so unrealistic?”

Reply: “Don’t wait for your child to fulfill your former expectations; alter them. Learn to forge new dreams. Take one day at a time and of all the advice I received, take one day at a time proved to be the  most helpful.

  •  Part of my coping process is in the telling of my story in the hope that others might understand.
  • I speak out in order to make it difficult for people to close their eyes and their hearts to mental illness around them.
  • I tell my story to gain empathy for all those out there who suffer from mental illnesses.
  • I tell my story to convince those suffering from mental illnesses that with treatment, they can improve their conditions.
  • I tell my story to gain support for them. If they have the backing of their communities, they have the chance of a life with purpose and love.
  • If we all tell our stories, maybe more people out there will listen, believe and even act on our behalf.
  • I doubt whether any politician believed that he/she would gain extra votes by devoting more time to the issue of mental illness but MAYBE THAT TIME IS NOW.

Our tragedy brought to mind something said by Winston Churchill:

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” 


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