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World Mental Health Awareness Day

By Gran13

I have chosen to post three short letters that Doron’s late father wrote after Doron’s untimely



Dearest Doron,

Of course we miss you terribly. We are happy that you have found eternal peace. You bore your suffering bravely and did all you could to cling to life. When you realized that your suffering had no end, you took the only way out. I LOVE YOU.

Dear Doctors,d

We thank you for all you tried to do for Doron. Hopefully in time, human knowledge will progress and be in a position to help other seriously ill psychiatric patients. Unfortunately, you failed to give me or my son, Doron, the feeling that you were really trying. Such a feeling would hae alleviated his suffering and may have helped the medication do what it was supposed to do.

Doron’s bereaved father.

To the burial society. (Chevra Kadisha)

I feel that  you could fulfill your duties with more compassion, bearing in mind that you are dealing with bereaved families. Sadly, we found that similar observations made by other bereaved families were justified.

A bereaved parent.

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