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Why I Love Snow Pants

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Over time I have discovered something very interesting about myself. I like to run in as few clothes as possible. I have yet to do a naked run (although I’m told these exist), mostly because the thought of seeing other people’s body parts flailing up and down and in circles would cause too much of a distraction. I once went to a nude beach in Greece (actually, it was a gay nude beach, even better) and watching the guys playing volleyball kind of scarred me for life.

Anyway, my new running outfit for when it is 25-40 degrees is this:


I used to wear capris when it was colder, but now I wear shorts and compression socks. Just more comfy and liberating. I have also started wearing a long sleeved shirt with arm warmers over it and fancy striped gloves from Target (Tarjay). I still like Target even though my personal identity stolen from there over the holidays (not really, but it could have been).

So, just to prove life is not all about me and my training, we took a family day trip up to Fraser, Colorado (ice box of the nation) yesterday for our annual tubing trip. The two hour drive is totally worth it to experience the best sledding hill of your life.


Plus, having a lift to pull you and your tube back up is perfection:


However, what was to be a 2 hour trip quickly turned into a 3+ hour trip due to ski traffic and accidents. I got bored and took pictures in the car.

MFT (Mother Eff’ing Traffic):


Post-traffic (I’ve got to get out of this shit hole):


16 year olds need their sleep:




I was proud of myself for not throwing a tantrum when I saw the sign saying it would take us an hour to go the next ten miles. I did not scream and yell that I could almost run that far in an hour (well, not really, but some people do). Instead I ate mini Altoids and changed the radio station 95 times, which everyone loves.

Once we finally got to our destination, we were ready to roll. We’ve been to this tubing hill many times in the past and have always walked in, paid, and grabbed tubes. Not this time. A couple days after Christmas meant we had to wait two hours just to start sledding. WTF?

Once again, I did not throw a fit. I just watched the other sledders having fun. On a side note, I was wearing those bib-type snow pants. If you’ve ever worn those and farted, the you know how the smell wafts right up to your face (same with overalls). This is what I learned while waiting for 2 hours.

Finally it was our turn. This is what going downhill 50 miles an hour attached to your spouse’s tube looks and sounds like (you don’t want the smell part):


I call this picture Me With a Train.


Here is Sam lounging in the tube. He is wearing my snow pants because he doesn’t have any. It is fun to share clothes with your 16 year old son:


We stopped at Starbucks for hot beverages on the way out of town because that’s what you do when you’ve been playing in the snow. We were thrilled to find out that there was another major traffic jam heading down to Denver. I decided that today was a lesson in patience. Something I have very little of. I think that is why I started running. Because walking from one place to the next takes far too long. I hate walking.

Speaking of running, today was back to that. Enough family time. I ran 13 miles with the last 3 miles at race pace. Shouldn't have been hard, but it was. I do love my new pack, however.


What winter activities do you like? I used to ski, but fell and broke bones and had to be carried down the mountain, so I don’t do that anymore. Sometimes I snowshoe. I also like drinking Bailey’s.

Would you ever do a naked run? Maybe. I never say never.


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