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Why I Drive a Ford

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I mentioned in my last post that I did a 5K this weekend. This is a community/fundraiser event our family does every year (The Happy Smackah). My kids both really wanted to join in as usual because lots of their friends are there, not to mention my son got extra credit for signing up (what?).

Anyway, tell me if you ever have this happen with your kids.

Race morning comes. Daughter, 13 years old, is grumpy. She can’t find her headphones, her stomach hurts, she say she’s not going to run. I know her and this can be a pattern. She says she’s going to do something, then the day comes and she changes her mind because she doesn’t feel like it. I am really trying to teach my kids commitment, follow through and doing what you say you are going to do. I told her, fine, don’t do it, but you owe me the entry fee and you can’t play volleyball later (ouch, harsh mama). What? But, she thinks she’ll feel fine later to play volleyball. Hmmm…

Long story short, she ended up doing the race and her attitude? Well, it had flipped 180 degrees. We talked about it. I asked her to do some thinking about what happens to her in these instances – why she loses confidence and shuts down.

Me: So, give it some thought because I know you really like these events, don’t you?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Then why do you go through this?
Her: Well, it’s just that I think I want to do it, then I get to the start line and realize I don’t even really like to run. (<what? is this possible?)
Me: That’s okay. Believe it or not lots of people don’t like to run. They just like how they feel when it's done.
Her: Not you.
Me: WTF! Oh yeah, especially me. I am usually not loving every second of running. But, I love how I feel afterwards, and that is the feeling I chase.

So…we have the Bolder Boulder 10K coming up on Memorial Day. We run it as a family every year. Last year, we had a breakthrough, Emma and I. At the start Emma said, “I am going to take it one mile at a time. I am not going to think about how much further I have to go.”

She ran really strong the first three miles, and said, “I am just having confidence in myself. That is the difference between this year and last year.” (the last year was one big whine fest) YES! She loves the energy of the event, and eventually her head got in the game and she got behind herself.

Finish line last year with my friend Kathy, Emma and me:


Isn’t that what it’s all about? Just getting and staying behind ourselves? It’s like the Henry Ford quote (and why I drive a Ford – not really),

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

Friends, do not ever underestimate the power of your mind. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

By the way, if you are looking for an amazing family running event, the Bolder Boulder is for you. 50,000 of your closest friends will join you for this race complete with sprinklers, bacon and marshmallows at mile 3 (I love bacon, but not while running – that would mean certain shart action for me), belly dancers, and beer at the finish (or soda if you are a kid or not a lush like me). 

And, if you are not a running family, no worries. Tons of people walk or walk/run the race. The fun is just being there, welcoming in the summer, honoring our service men and women and spending time in one the best cities imaginable (Boulder).

Trying to think of costumes for this year. Any ideas?

Do you run races with your kids? Ever had experiences similar to mine? Do you kids even like to run? My kids don’t really like running, especially distance. I never ran when I was their age and don’t remember liking it much either.

Do you eat “unofficial” food off the sidelines of races? No, not usually. I did eat some oranges at the LA Marathon because I was suffering and thought they might make me come alive, but they didn’t.

Ever run in a costume? Only at the Bolder Boulder. We’ve done cave girls, tutus and hula outfits. Might be super heroes this year. Or tampons.

Why I Drive a Ford


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