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Why I Don’t Mind US Body Bags

Posted on the 04 August 2016 by Calvinthedog

I hardly meet anyone who criticizes US foreign policy or who even has any idea about 5% of what it even is. Americans just don’t care. As long as there are no body bags coming home, the Foggy Bottom sociopaths are free to bomb and kill and cause chaos and mayhem anywhere on the globe, and that’s exactly what they do most of the time.

And if we are bombing and killing people somewhere on Earth, Newton’s Third Law bounces up to play, and one might expect some blowback, which would come in the form of body bags. Americans think they are can drop bombs on whoever the Hell they want to anywhere on Earth without suffering a single US casualty, civilian or military. That’s a dangerous delusion, and it tends to violate universal laws of physics anyway.

That’s why I actually don’t mind US body bags from one of our insane police actions or whatever these non-wars are called. Those damn coffins are the only thing that jolt these moronic Americans into putting a stop to any of these psychos’ maniacal plans.

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