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Why Have Some Americans Become So Disrespectful?

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

I may get bashed for sharing my feelings on this subject but it is one that I am really having a difficult time wrapping my brain around. When did America become such a horrid place to live? I mean, there are many citizens that bash the United States on a daily basis. Not just bash, but utter disrespect!

Why Have Some Americans Become So Disrespectful?

Let’s look at some of the obnoxious actions of some:

  • Disrespecting the American Flag – Those who deface, burn, or do other heinous acts to the American Flag
  • Disrespecting the National Anthem – Those who sit/kneel (without justifiable medial reasons) during the National Anthem
  • Disrespecting the Pledge of Allegiance – Those who oppose the Pledge of Allegiance in schools or other establishments, as well as, not placing their hand over their heart
  • Disrespecting of Law Enforcement – Those who aim to harm or disregard those who serve to protect our Safety

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Almost every day, you hear of more blatant disrespect of American History and/or Tradition. It is mind-boggling to me!


As a child, some 40 years ago, I was taught to respect many things:

  • people
  • adults
  • teachers
  • police
  • peers
  • American Flag and what it stands for

Are children nowadays not being taught that? Wait, I think I can answer that on my own.

Not all of them.

Teens and Young Adults

The older are children get, the more they get influenced by the media, groups/gangs, other malicious people. Some want so hard for something to believe in or to be part of something big that they don’t always see the repercussions of what they are joining into.

I remember awhile back on the news, there was a huge group of people protesting at one of Donald Trump’s rally’s. Their chant was “America Was Never Great”.  Mind you, the majority of these people look to be younger than me, so I couldn’t fathom where these thoughts were coming from.

When the media asked them why they were protesting, they couldn’t even answer the “Why”. They had no clue other than they wanted to be part of the “spectacle” that was happening.

Adults are Guilty as Well

To say that adults are above this, would be to say that the President of our United States was 100% Irishman. Ok, you get my humor, right?

Adults are just as guilty! I can’t justify their actions of disrespect to America, our Authorities, or the United States of America in general. However, what I do know is that I am disgusted by the actions of so many of our U.S. Citizens and would invite them to cross the border at any time to find a place that they can respect.

Good riddens!

The latest is athletes and celebrities making a fuss. Is whatever they are protesting that important or are there merely reaching out for publicity, attention-seeking ho’s?

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No Matter How Bad

In my humble, 48-year old opinion, no matter how bad it gets here in America, I will continue to uphold the traditions of standing during the National Anthem, placing my hand over my heart and standing during the Pledge of Allegiance, and respecting those in Authority such as our Military and Police.

Let’s Hear from You

I know it’s just not me who is feeling this. I have friends on Facebook that are sharing their utter disgust at the disrespectful heathens in our America. But let’s discuss it below.

Why Do You Think Some Americans Have Become So Disrespectful?

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