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Why Fashion is Important in Politics

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Nick Clegg’s wife, lawyer Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, recently came under fire in the media for a fashion faux-pas and political blunder – burgundy tights coupled with red shoes.  I was talking to some colleagues about it and we were completed divided.  While some were saying that it shouldn’t matter what politicians’ wives choose to wear, I, and several others disagreed.

Why fashion is important in politics
I don’t mean to sound shallow, by any means, but the sad truth is that women in the public eye do get judged on their appearance.  And I think that in politics, the wives and partners of the most prominent politicians have to accept that being watched is a part of the lifestyle they’ve chosen.

You wouldn’t see a Tory or Lib Dem male politician wearing a red tie.  It would be considered a rebellion.  Unfortunately, their wives are an important part of their public image, so dressing in bright red was clearly not a wise choice.  Never mind the fact that burgundy and red do not look very nice together!

Miriam Durantez needs to accept that because she is married to the deputy prime minister, people will scrutinise her fashion choices and try to read things into it.

Hilary Clinton, Sam Cameron, Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama are all very switched on when it comes to managing their appearances.  They realize that it is part of the job.

I wouldn’t dream of criticising my friends, colleagues and acquaintances for their fashion choices.  But politics is a different ballgame, and I have to say, Miriam needs to get with the programme and properly understand what is expected of her in the fashion stakes…


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