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Learning to Embrace My Temporary Curve

By Everemma
Learning to Embrace My Temporary Curve
I've been fortunate enough to wear, more or less, the same clothing size since early high school. Obviously pregnancy changes that in a big way. As beautiful as pregnancy can be, it's also something that can really mess with your head and your self-perception, no matter what size you were at the start.
I sometimes find myself forgetting just how much I've expanded until I happen to pass by a window or a mirror. Then there are the times when you go to put something on that fit not even a week ago, only to discover that you're unintentionally channeling turn-of-the-century Britney Spears. Some can pull it off, but it's not a good look on me.
During my first pregnancy I bought about six (loud) maxi dresses and lived in those and hand-me-downs that didn't quite fit. I wore those up until the last month or two when I finally had enough of feeling like a slob and was sick of wearing variations of the same outfit every other day. On that day I hit up my local Ross and bought me some clothes that were more my style. They fit well and, most importantly, made me feel good. I didn't break the bank and that little investment was a huge boost to my spirits. 
This was one of those outfits:Learning to Embrace My Temporary CurveIt's such a simple outfit, but it was more true to my style than the dresses I had been wearing for the previous months. From this I learned that your body may be changing, but that doesn't mean that you have to live in clothes that aren't you. Hand-me-downs can be awesome, but if they don't fit or if they aren't your style then you may find yourself down in the dumps. It's okay to spend a little bit of money even if the curve that you're rockin' is temporary.
This time around I've been working hard to keep a positive self-perception. I've invested in pieces that are my style and could potentially be worn post curve and have learned to move items that don't currently fit to a storage container. (Out of sight, out of mind.) I can't even tell you how much better it feels to look at a closet of items that you can actually wear versus a landmine of a closet full of hits and misses. I actually feel like I can get creative and mix and match because I know I won't find myself hit with a wave of depression because I think that "nothing fits."
I actually have quite a few outfits this time around that make me feel fierce, but this is probably one of my favorites:

Learning to Embrace My Temporary Curve

Dress: Similar  // Jacket: Mavi Samantha Jacket vis Stitch Fix - Different Wash Here  // Shoes: Crown Vintage // Necklace: 3 pence coin from 1941 on a gold chain. DIY.

It's inspired by two different fashion bloggers, Lilly Style and Unfancy. What I love most about this outfit is that it makes me feel feminine. When your waist disappears and what little grace you have rolls out the window, you don't feel super feminine. This outfit makes me feel cute and not quite as big. Although my feet don't fit in those shoes on days when my feet are super swollen. 
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