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What Helps Me Be An "Adult"

By Everemma
I'm still laying in bed cuz I don't feel like adulting yet.
Being an adult is hard work, so I think that anything that makes adulting just a teeny bit more bearable should be shared with the masses. The following FOUR are things that are helping me feel not quite as overwhelmed and are helping me keep the remaining shred of sanity that I have. This is especially true on those days when my toddler has a meltdown about her pants being inside-out or her sippy cup being the wrong color. 
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1. Clicklist

If you know me then you probably know that I love food, but I HATE grocery shopping. I will seriously put it off as long as I possibly can. Tried out #clicklist at my local #smiths recently and I'm in love. I shopped from the comfort of my own home and picked it up the next day. I didn't have to worry about being tempted to buy things I didn't really need and little e managed to sneak nothing extra into the cart. My groceries were brought to my car and put in my trunk. I cannot get over how much I actually enjoyed #groceryshopping. #iminlove #krogerA photo posted by Emma (@ever.emma) on Oct 2, 2016 at 11:25am PDT

I've mentioned this on Instagram, but haven't yet talked about it here. Did you know there are grocery stores where you can order online, while you meal plan, and then someone else at the store gets it all together, so that you can pick up your groceries from the comfort of you own car? Uh it's amazing. This is especially amazing if you happen to bring a toddler with you, who randomly decides to take naps in the most inconvenient times after boycotting them for what feels like years. It's also awesome because I'm actually staying in my budget! Every time I add something to the cart it adds up my total and I'm not getting distracted by my stomach due to snacking while shopping. Clicklist is what my Kroger store is using, so check with your local store to find out whether or not they offer something similar.  

2. Deals to Meals

This is an amazing service I have been using for about a year now. Each week they scan the ads and put together a somewhat healthy weekly dinner plan and a shopping list based off of what is on sale. Since we're a tiny family, what we usually do is pick out our favorite four dinners and shop for those. We've enjoyed most of the recipes and I love that it requires very little brain power on my part while keeping me in budget. This is a subscription service.

3. MMD Book Club

This may be a tad premature, but I have a feeling that this is going to be my newest escape! I've tried starting and joining book clubs a couple of times, but there is just something about meeting in person that doesn't really seem to work on a consistent basis. Then there is the issue of most book clubs reading books I'm not super interested in.  I have loved many of Anne's suggestions in the past, so I'm feeling confident that I will enjoy this. I just hope that eventually there will be some element that will allow something like a google hangout. Sometimes I just don't want to write. Sometimes I feel like I cannot adequately convey my feelings through the written word alone. Like how would I write about this reaction? This is a subscription service.

4. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

This presidential election has really brought out the worst in so many. It's depressing and I'm not interested in being depressed about something that I can't do a whole lot about. I want to keep informed, but the regular news is too much for my hormonal self to handle. Instead I watch The Daily Show Monday through Thursday and have myself a good laugh or two. Trevor's dimples also help boost my spirits. Come on, you know he is cute!

Trevor Noah and his dimples

Brad Barket / Getty Images

Let's be serious though, the following mindset is really what is helping me with the whole adulting thing. Some days you just need to relax and forget about the fact that you're an adult. 
Balance in Adulting

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