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4 Fictional Men I Would Journey to Find

By Everemma
I recently finished reading Finding Fraser by KC Dyer, a book about a very naive woman who decides to sell everything and go on a journey to find her own Jamie Fraser. While I'm very much a married woman, the book got me thinking about my own crushes on fictional men. Which men would I journey to find and what is it about those men that make them worthwhile enough to make such a journey for? 
Surprisingly, it didn't take me very long to settle on my list of four fictional men I would journey to find. In no particular order:

1| Gilbert Blythe

Gilbert Blythe
I know I said in no particular order, but Gilbert is definitely the first fictional man I would be interested in finding. He is kind, responsible, selfless, patient, hard-working, respectful, supportive, need I go on? (I also wouldn't mind spending some time in beautiful Prince Edward Island.) He is basically what every heterosexual woman wants in man, which is probably why he was created by a woman and the odds of him actually existing are slim. The internet has some additional reasons why he should be among your fictional crushes: 12 Reasons No Man Will Ever Live Up To Gilbert Blythe From “Anne Of Green Gables”
Why Women Love Gilbert Blythe and Why Guys Should Pay Attention

2 | Ross Poldark

Ross Poldark
I have some mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand I love a man who sticks to his convictions and challenges the status quo. On the other hand he is incredibly stubborn and often acts without really thinking. The good news is that he is terrible at manipulation and doesn't seem able to hide anything. Mind you I haven't actually read these books, so I may just be swayed by the curly locks and charming smile of Aidan Turner. 

3 | Jamie Fraser

Jamie Fraser
I've only read Outlander, so I may be just as naive as Emma from Finding Fraser, but Jamie seems like a really worthy crush. He can fight for your honor. He cares deeply about family and those that he loves, so much so that he often puts his life on the line and sacrifices his own feelings for their well-being and happiness. He can pull off a kilt. I would share some supporting sources from the interwebs, but they are a little on the NSFW side. 

4 | Theodore Laurence

Theodore Laurence
There is no greater injustice in this world than the fact that snotty little Amy March ended up with my Laurie. He's intelligent, kind, adventurous, passionate, handsome, well-read and lives in a beautiful part of the United States, so I wouldn't even need a passport. Also, all of these:
13 Reasons Why Jo Should Have Picked Laurie In "Little Women"
Who are the fictional people you would potentially journey to find and why?

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