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Why Don’t Misogynistic Men Just Have Sex with Men Instead?

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Feminists ask why, if misogynistic men hate women so much, why don’t they just have sex with men instead and forget  about women.

There are certain reasons why men who are angry with women don’t resort to men instead. In this way the sexes are very different since it is very common for women to take up lesbian relationships or even convert to lesbianism due to anger at or bad experiences with men. A friend of mine said that if men acted like women and switched to homosexuality due to bad experiences with women, most men would definitely be gay! I agree with him but almost all men just don’t see that as an option.

First of all, most misogynistic men are not attracted to men, and they were raised with extreme homophobia. Straight men typically have a visceral repulsion to gay sex or even the thought of it. It makes us want to puke. Not just that but the thought is so horrifying that a lot of us would rather get shot or have cancer  than have gay sex. We wouldn’t be able to look ourselves in the mirror after doing that.

Misogynists hate women but they are obsessed with him. The old incel board PUAhate was full of a lot of misogyny, but it was combined with a lot of photos and avatars of attractive women or women, often young women or teenage girls, acting cute and delightful. And these men were dying for female attention. They all wanted sex with women or at least a girlfriend. This seemed odd to me at the time until I pointed it out to a friend of mine who just laughed and said, “All straight men are like that.” Though hating women and being obsessed with having sex with them seems a bit weird, it’s nevertheless almost the normal straight male mindset.

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