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Why Do We Feel Sad? And a Trick to Get Out Of It

By Heybeautiful

Why Do We Feel Sad? And a Trick to Get Out Of It

It is certain in our life we all feel sad at one time or another. More than knowing the reason for sadness, being aware of the root is important. This knowledge will help us stay happy always.

To feel sad is not wrong. It is simply a human emotion.

The word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. - Carl Jung Click To Tweet

But being in the same state of sadness is damaging to your mental health. Agree? Read on.

Sadness shows its ugly face when there exists a feeling of any desire stuck in your heart. This desire can be anything as small as appreciation or as large as fulfillment of life goals. When we start to year for something we start loosing our calmness and inner peace. We subconsciously start to weigh our happiness down with that desire.

What to do?

Pull out the desire and throw it away. That does not mean one should not be ambitious. All one has to do is not link outcome with anything. One should just do their best & leave it up to the Almighty. If one deserves one shall receive. Even if it is not received, be sure there is something in the process for you. Believe in it.

As it is also said in Mahabharata,

Karmanye vadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana | Maa karma phla-heturbhuh maa te sangostv akarmani || #BhagvadGita

- Janki Vaidya (@Janks17) July 18, 2014

Knowing this and being aware will help you stay happy in all situations.

How to make oneself more aware?

The only simple answer to this is Meditation. Meditation does not mean merely chanting mantras, or concentrating or focusing on anything.

One simply has to sit in a relaxed posture and focus on. Nothing. All those thoughts which come should be allowed. And let it pass away. Do not hold on to any thought. Enjoy the train of thought. You will be amazed how your mind vacillates every second. Enjoy the process as you breathe slowly.

If you are in a mood to meditate, we are leaving here a link for a guided meditation.

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Why Do We Feel Sad? And a Trick to Get Out Of It

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