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Why Can’t Life Come with a PAUSE Button for When You Just Need Time to Heal?

By Fitvsfiction @fit_vs_fiction

How much pain does a person have to suffer before they’re allowed to admit that they feel it?
Our society has a lot of obsessions, one of which is the need to be STRONG. How often do we hear, “Keep a stiff upper lip, get over it, God doesn’t give us more than we can handle?”

Why is it that when we break a bone we’re allowed to cry and it’s perfectly acceptable to take the necessary time off to let it heal, but when the wound is emotional we’re encouraged to move on right away? Just as a broken leg won’t heal if you keep running on it, a broken heart won’t heal if not given enough time to grieve.

Where are we all rushing to that we don’t have enough time to work things out at our own pace?
And why should your pace be the same as mine?
Why does my sadness make you so uncomfortable and why does your discomfort make me feel like a failure?
You want to fix me but you can’t and I don’t want you to because I’m not broken
It would be so much easier for you if you could bandage me up and make me good as new and I’m sorry that that’s just not the case
You need to realize that the pain or fear or anger I may be feeling will not disappear overnight
The feelings I have won’t follow your time frame, they travel a path of their own
Why is there this need to speed up the process? Why can’t I just take my time?
So don’t try to mend me, it’s out of your hands
But you can show me love with acceptance and patience and let me know that you’ll be at my side
I may have a lot of questions
But that doesn’t mean that I expect you to have all the answers
The best gift you could give my ailing heart, is the warmth of your own

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