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Why Are We Switching to ICD-10?

Posted on the 01 August 2013 by Ironcomet @Ironcomet

The thought maybe crossing through your mind over and over, “Why are we even switching to ICD-10”, with all the Medisoft software updates and changes in our medical billing departments that will take place. It all may start to seem like a big waste of your time, energy and money. However, there are some very important factors that are being implemented along with all these changes, which will be highly beneficial to your practice.

Though there is many reason for the change, the number one reason we are switching to ICD-10, is that the United States is the only country that is still currently using ICD-9. It is also, an important switch because switching will give us a more accurate comparison to healthcare data bases in all other countries. ICD-10 is a more extensive system which will allow improved tracking of data, for quality and safety of care to patients.  Medical billing and coding will become easier, not harder using ICD-10. It is intended to be more logical to use and the codes are more clinically accurate than the ICD-9 codes…Other factors that will improve will be processing claims for reimbursements, and it will improve clinical, financial and administrative production.

Though it may be a large transition to move to ICD-10, this will be a rising point because business and systems changes, bringing productiveness in the healthcare system worldwide. The new system will have more specific codes that will improve categories, making searching itself a much smoother process. Once your Medical billing departments has gone through training and know the new system, they may like ICD-10 better than the previous system.

ICD-10 is coming

ICD-10 is coming. Medisoft v19 is ready!

If you are Medisoft user, you need to upgrade to Medisoft v19 to be ICD-10 ready.

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