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Why All Men Are “Pedophiles” Redux

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Calvinthedog
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This was a study showing female faces. I am not sure how it was done, but the men rated the faces somehow or other on the basis of attractiveness or not. I am not sure if devices were placed on their penises or not.

As you can see, at least as far as faces are considered, normal adult males find females aged 13-18 to be the most attractive of all females. Those are basically teenage girls. But due to Pedophile Mass Hysteria, any adult man who says he finds a 13-17 year old girl attractive is accused by Puritans, conservatives and other stupid worthless scums of being a “pedophile.” But as you can see, if that is true, then clearly 100% of all adult males are pedophiles!

It is also interesting that once you get down below age 10, there is very little attraction. Attraction to girls aged 1-9 was effectively zero, which would seem to be normal. Although there are some beautiful little girls, most of them have those little girl faces as opposed to a more “womanly” face. A normal male finds a “womanly” face, not a “girly” face attractive. The attractiveness of teenage girls lies in the fact that they are at the height of youth and health while at the same time they are moving out of those girly faces and into the more womanly faces. At the same time of course they are developing the body of a woman.

By age 16-17, a girl has the body of a full grown woman in addition to being blessed with youth and health. And indeed studies have shown that men react to all 16-17 year old girls’ naked bodies in the lab at a maximum rate (study used penile devices). They also reacted to adult females at the maximum rate. So all normal males react to 16-17 year old girls just as intensely as they do towards adult females. Yet society says that any man attracted to a 16-17 year old girl is a “pedophile.” In other words, according to these lunatic fucks, all men are basically pedophiles! What Comstockian scums!

It is also very interesting that the maximum reaction of all was for the faces of girls aged 13-15. That seems a little young for my tastes these days, but girls that age (especially 14-15) can indeed be very beautiful no matter how young they seem.

On the lower end, the reaction to 12 year old girls was as higher than for 16 year old girls, a truly incredible finding. 12 year old girls are very interesting creatures and some of them are quite beautiful. Their minds are fascinating and they are not stupid little kids anymore in any way, shape or form. It is at this age when the girl begins her transition towards womanhood and you can see it in their minds if you watch them closely. However, to me that really seems like a little girl.

Reaction to 11 year old girls was also very high, as high as to 23 year old women. This one baffles me as an 11 year old girl is basically still a kid to me. Reaction to 10 year old girls was as high as to 29 year old women, another baffling finding. Aside from their faces though, at age ~10-11, girls do start to become somewhat interesting to men as far as their bodies go. Their bodies still look like sticks or boys’ bodies and that is a turnoff to any normal guy, but at this age, you will notice that girls start growing very long and beautiful legs. Those are the long shapely legs of a woman that men find so attractive. As far as the rest of them goes though, I cannot see it. They have boys’ stick bodies and little girl faces.

The finding that girls aged 1-9 are not interesting to normal men at all makes sense. They are interesting to some men, of course and some men prefer girls in this age range to mature females. We call men with such a preference pedophiles and it is considered to be an abnormal attaction. As you can see from the study, attraction to girls in that age range is indeed outside of the norm, or not normal and a preferential attraction to them is very much abnormal, which is why we pathologize pedophilic attraction as most attractions outside the norm are pathologized.

I find it sad that by age 40, virtually no women were seen as attractive. I have developed a taste for women aged 40-55 and I now find a number of them quite beautiful. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

This study shows just how lunatic society has become on this ridiculous issue of “pedophilia.” What you are seeing is mass hysteria. Mass hysteria occurs when an entire society effectively goes completely out of its mind and becomes for all intents and purposes psychotic.

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