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Who Wouldn't Give Them Arms?!

Posted on the 20 September 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
The Honey Ants are a new duo on the scene that are sure to steal the hearts of millions with their simplistic, sophisticated and subtle tones that are likeable to people such as The Civil Wars, Simon & Garfunkel or She & Him. Their latest single, Give Me Arms, is something that we'd consider breathe-taking and it's a real pleasure to share.
Who Wouldn't Give Them Arms?!From the comparisons, we're sure that by now, you'll be expecting a folk-like harmony ... well, that's just what you'll be getting. However, this is not to put them down whatsoever, and not to suggest that what they are doing is in any way, shape, or form is irrelevant ... in fact, we reckon we prefer this version of folk-duo to the others that we pulled out of the hat.
The simplicity is particularly easy to understand. The fact that this little number is conjured out of an acoustic guitar and two vocalists really does make it obvious ... though, the way on which the pair work together does give you the impression that more might be being used, when, it actually isn't.
It's sophistication comes more-so within the choruses. The female vocals, in particular, have the vibrato that carry it through, and the power they both convey really does make it much more of a scene, rather than just a song with some words - we adore how they've pulled this off.
We wonder how long it'll be until this sort of music makes its way round to the UK again, as it is just a matter of time until it's massive. The US already adores the likes of The Civil Wars ... and also She & Him, so we wonder if round here that vibe will soon hit once more and, when it does, the name we can put forward as a country is The Honey Ants.
For those of you who simply cannot wait for the release of this track, it is currently available as a free download from here. You're welcome.

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