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Who Were the Ancient Central Asians?

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Calvinthedog

Sacae writes:

Rob, were the ancient central Asians White just like Europeans, were they Slavic?

Hi, the ancient IE people from the steppes were very, very White. Whether or not there were Asiatics living in these places, I have no idea. My opinion is that the Asiatic infusion is relatively recent, in the last ~3,000 years, possibly associated with Mongolic invasions, Genghis Khan and whatnot. There has been proven Asiatic-Caucasian breeding in the steppes for 2-3,000 years now, but before that, it does not seem like there is a lot of it. Siberia is an ancient zone of interbreeding between these major races.

Slavic is a linguistic term and has no relevance beyond 2-3,000 years ago. The progenitors of the Slavs in the Rus where red-haired Scandinavians, possibly due to a Scandinavian invasion and conquest of this region. The Viking types conquered the region and the native Slavs, instead of fighting them, simply retreated into the forest where they led surreptitious lives. This may have been the beginnings of the Slav “slave race” theory of Slavs not wanting to fight and just surrendering to invaders.

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