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Who Says Capitalism Works?

Posted on the 18 October 2016 by Calvinthedog

HBD Investor writes: Hbd’ers are for free markets because there is evidence for free markets. On the other hand there is almost no evidence to support socialism.

No, they like them because they are Social Darwinists and they think they won the genetic lottery. Not only that, they think everyone who lost the lottery shouldn’t even get a chance to play. Or maybe even not get a chance to live. That’s what it’s all about. All HBD’ers hate socialism because it requires people to share. HBD’ers are unbelievably selfish. They don’t want to share with even one other human being. Their motto is as Adam Smith wrote, “Everything for me, and nothing for anything else.” Capitalist fanboys who love Smith fail to note that that philosophy was also one of the most evil philosophies that exists.

You are proving every single point I make about HBD’ers in my article.

There is evidence for free markets. Yeah. Evidence that they don’t work. Look what the Chicago Boys did to Chile. Look how free market capitalism blew up the whole US economy in 2008 and took most of the world economy down with it. Love how capitalism starves to death 14 million people a year, mostly in South Asia.

There’s evidence that Communism saves lives. Stalin broke the world record for increasing life expectancy, doubling it from 1927-1953. Mao then broke Stalin’s record, doubling life expectancy in an even shorter time, 1949-1980. Where’s the evidence that free markets are good for public health or the health of any individual. How do free markets work if they don’t even give people enough food to live on? How do they work if they aren’t even able to provide shelter for all people? How do they work if they can’t even provide people with health care? Obviously in a lot of ways, free markets don’t even work at all.

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