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Who Got Who What for Valentine's Day!

By Katherine @pbrunnerblog
If you read my last post, you know my Valentine's Day was filled with an abundance of gorgeous flowers and  way too much food. Never fear though! Not all the gifts in our house were perishables!
Who Got Who What for Valentine's Day!My dad and I bought my mom Season 1 of Downton Abbey. We haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure I'll be writing about my obsession with it in the near future. (You can buy this season here)
Who Got Who What for Valentine's Day!
Apparently we are stuck in a BBC phase, because my Mom and I bought Season 1 of Hustle for my dad! It's a hilarious show that I would recommend! Oh and if you don't feel like spending the $27 it costs here, all the episodes are all over YouTube! Win!
Gaiam Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat - 3 MM I got a yoga mat! My Mom and I have been doing a lot of yoga this year, so I'm so excited to have a new mat to do it on! My mat is only available at stores (Mine was bought at Target), but this one is very similar and made by the same company!
Needless to say, Christmas in February was filled with love, flowers, presents, and of couse, yoga!

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