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Who Are the Vietnamese?

Posted on the 20 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Ken writes:

Aren’t Siberian people classified as arctic mongoloids, not northern mongoloids?

Anyway, by “Southern Chinese” you must be referring to ethnic minority groups in Southern China, like the Dai and Lahu, because according to this study the Han Chinese from Southern China are not closer related to the Vietnamese than they are to the Northern Chinese. Look at this chart below:

(CHAS = Southern Chinese CHB = Han Chinese from Beijing i.e. Northern Chinese)

link to the study:

Viets seems to be closely related to Lahu and Dai minority groups.

“the data indicate that Japanese and Korean were very closely related, as were Korean and Han Chinese but that these groups are much further from the south-east Asian populations (Filipino and Vietnamese). The Han Chinese and Japanese groups showed larger separation than either with Korean, although the paired Fst values ( population differentiation) were still small relative to Chinese/Filipino Fst. The Fst values also showed a close relationship between the Dai ethnic group in China and the Vietnamese population sample.”

Many of the Tungusics and the Yakut and Tuva do not look like Arctics. Arctics look different. The groups above just look like Mongolians or Japanese or even more progressive than that. You can’t class people by where they live.

2,300 years ago, a mass invasion of Vietnam took place from Southern China. The people who invaded where Chinese who live right north of there. Those would be the Cantonese Yu I would assume. In fact, maybe 60% of the Vietnamese language is Cantonese loans. At the same time, a major transformation took place in Vietnamese skulls in which they fully transformed to Neomongoloid via Chinese infusion.

Who invaded Vietnam, giving Viets maybe half their modern genome. Dai or Lahu people? I have seen photos of Dai women. They are as Southern Chinese as they come, perfect Southern Chinese phenotypes to perfection. Obviously groups like this are Southern Chinese people. What is the point of calling all Southern Chinese “Han” when so many of them are non-Han minorities of the south?

What difference does it make if Viets are close to the Dai or Lahu if the Dai and Lahu are Southern Mongoloids themselves?

There is an idea that non-Hans are not Chinese people. This is truly poisonous Han racism, and the Han are some of the most vile racists on Earth.

Southern Mongoloids means Southern Chinese. Southern Chinese means all of the people living in the south of China, Han racists be damned. Viets are also Southern Mongoloid, as they are much more Southern Chinese than SE Asian.

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