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Whites in Latin America

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Calvinthedog

This is a great post of mine from 5 years ago. It is an extensive investigation into Whites in Latin America, how many are in each country, what their mindset and history is, and what the particular racial dynamics of that country are.

I got almost all my information from Stormfront. That’s a sorry place to do research, but the mainstream media nor academia will touch this subject, and even if they do, they will talk about it in the usual dishonest PC manner. I have spoken to a number of middle and upper class Latin American Whites about race in their country, and in general, they all insisted that there was no racism whatsoever in their country. That seemed dubious to me to say the least. Mestizos simply did not want to touch the issue.

That left me with a dilemma. Where do I go to find the ugly truth about race in Latin America? Eventually, I decided on Stormfront, and I read about ~1,200 pages in the Latin American forum there.

I actually found that almost everything they said about the number of Whites in their country, the White history of the place and the racial dynamics of society were straight up true. They were not afraid to admit there was White racism or a history of it in their land; on the contrary, they were very proud of this, so I got the straight up on that aspect.

The history of Whites in each land seemed to be very accurate. Racial dynamics seemed about right. In countries were Whites were racist and did not outbreed much, the posters cheered this trend on. Other countries were described as lost causes with massive outbreeding, dramatically declining or very small White numbers. Simply put, there was no reason for them to lie about any of the subjects of my essay.

It’s getting linked around again, so if you have never read it, you might want to head on over there. It’s a pretty interesting article!

I attempted to write the article from a strictly journalistic and non-racist point of view, describing the situation as matter of factly and objectively as possible.

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