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White Silver Silverbeet

By Scarecrow
White Silver SilverbeetWhite Silver SilverbeetIncluded in the box of goodies from Mr Fothergill's Seeds was a box of JiffyEasy Pots.
I notice these Jiffy® products are now made with a mixture of peat, wood pulp and coir pitch.
These little pots are ideal for sowing larger seeds in and they lessen transplant shock because you just plant the whole pot into the ground because the pots are 100% Organic and 100% biodegrabable.
Each pot comes with it's own little Quick Soil Mix compressed pellet
To activate these pellets just pour over warm water...I stood them in a shallow container because the pots have a hole in the base! Add some more water until the pellet just about reaches the top of the pot. These little pots are also great for striking cuttings.
White Silver Silverbeet
 Included in the box they sent me was a packet of Silver Beet White Silver seeds from Mr Fothergill's Organic seed range. so I thought they would be ideal to start off in these little pots.
I made a small hole in the top of the soil added one seed and filled the hole in. Easy!
I only added one seed because silver beet seeds can contain several seeds in a cluster and more than one often germinates.
White Silver Silverbeet
Within days the seedlings were up and as soon as they are big enough they will be planted pot and all!!
Keep an eye on the pots and as soon as the soil turns a light brown color it's time to water them.
Once again I would be interested to hear if anyone else has tried these little pots and how you went. Either leave a comment below or feel free to email me.
Still more from the box of goodies soon...

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