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Whine Wednesday

By Brisdon @shutuprun

This is a mom’s nightmare first thing in the morning:


When you see this, you know the freezer in your garage has been open all night because someone got a late night Drumstick and didn’t put the box away correctly.


Who puts a box away like that? I’ll tell you who. Hashtag: 14 year old in a hurry to lay on the couch and watch TV. That’s who.

While I am whining, I have another little beef to share. And, I’m not talking filet mignon. It’s about coffee shop etiquette. I bring this up because this has happened to me about three times over the past week and I want to know what you think.

The person in front of me in line at the coffee shop has several drink orders on sticky notes (probably from his/her office). No big deal. The problem for me becomes when each drink order is its own transaction. Yes, each is paid for separately with either cash or credit card, and there are usually 4-5 different drinks. This is the equivalent to four or five people ahead of me in line, when in fact, there is only one person ahead of me in line. I know this is petty, but I do think it’s kind of inconsiderate. Why not get cash from everyone and pay in one lump sum? I don’t think it’s fair to everyone else in line. Yes another FWP for sure.

The good news is that Joie and I got in an fabulous 6 mile trial run this morning out at one of our favorite ugly spots: Picture Rock.

Whine Wednesday

This week is a taper-ish kind of week for the Denver Rock and Roll Half on Saturday. Today’s run was the perfect way to get in a good workout, but not kill myself. It was also the perfect way to take in some stunning views and forget about all of my defrosted food at home. I’m running with Team Refuel on Saturday, so I tried out my new Refuel shirt because you know the saying, “Nothing new on race day.”



I am just slightly excited that Refuel provides its runners with a VIP hospitality lounge with stuff like private bathrooms (WHAT? I’d have a boner if that was possible) and pre/post race food and hydration.

Just to be a rebel one time I might run a race with everything new. New shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, sports bra. And, I will also eat all new foods and drink. It will be my own little experiment. I will probably crash and burn with all sorts of chafing and sharting, but it will make for a good story!

Anything you’d like to whine about today?

Do your kids ever do asinine and clueless things? Tell me one. 

What do you think of multiple transactions on the coffee shop line?

Ever try something new on race day and have it backfire in your face?


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