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Which Type Of Camcorder Suits You Best

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Choosing a right camcorderHello friends, this is a very important post about which types of camcorder suits you best depending upon the format and the storage device they are made of. In my previous post i have discussed about various types of camcorders available broadly and differences between a digital camcorder and a dslr camera please go through those posts before reading this. But everyone will get confused while purchasing a new camcorder or a DSLR camera because there are so many things to consider while going for a camcorder or a camera for independent film maker. I am going to divide this considerations into two types,one based on their features and second one based on the need of the customer. These two things are very different, purchasing or buying a camera based on your need and doing the same thing based on the camera features so i am going to discuss these two topics coming back to the topic, now i will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages in choosing a camcorder based on its features and type of format they are made of. I have broadly classified camcorders based on their format in my last post don't get confused and please follow the post properly. Go through this post to know something related to technical stuff related to cameras and camcorders and their formats.


This post  goal is to educate newbies who are going to buy their first camcorder or camera ever. so pro's you can read this post to add some more points that can be useful to newbies who are not aware of these things. so,now coming back..this is nothing but digital camcorders era..since transferring the data to a computer is much more easy when compared to Analog types of camcorders in the past without missing the quality of the image or video.Many feel that flash memory camcorders are the best type of camcorders available at present.
"Flash memory camcorders as the name suggest the data will be directly recorded to a internal flash drive or to a flash memory card"


  • These camcorders are small and portable because of the media they use.
  • They can store lot of data for an average user, because they use flash memory cards and internal memory in some cases both. So, video storage will be grand.
  • In some models in this category, you can find both internal and flash memory cards as well as DVD drive too to record the the data.
  • These flash memory camcorders are considered to be durable because of the fact that moving parts in this camcorder are subjected to minimum.


  • You will get some what a low quality video when compared to other camcorders in the present market.
  • You should choose a compatible software for editing purpose when compared to MiniDV camcorders.


HD camcorders are meant for intermediate level filmmakers i.e who are not pros at the same time who are not in a beginning stage of film making. As the name suggest high definition(HD) camcorder is meant for better image and video quality.There are lots of advantages in using these HD gives wide rage of features,recording time is high, we can record lager files with ease,portable and prices are low. Because of all the reason HD camcorders are very reliable and safe.


  • As mentioned in the above paragraph,wide range of features.
  • Prices are low when compared to other professional  cameras.
  • Top image quality
  • Detailed imagery
  • Capacity to hold large files.
  • Capacity to record for a long time.
  • Sizes are getting smaller as the days are progressing.


  • More expensive when compared to normal camcorders price range starts from(24k minimum).
  • Larger in size when compared to other camcorders in the market.
  • Heavier in size.
  • Creates discomfort when you hold the cam in some cases.
  • Portability is minimum when you carry.
  • Low sound quality.

These are few types of camcorders formats available for independent film makers at a reasonable prices, and am going to deal about few more types of camcorder types in my next post after that am going to analyze about the which camcorder suits best depending upon the need of a film maker and i am going to show you the ways to pick up the right camcorder for a low budget professional looking short film and independent film making. So stage glued guys. Please let me know your feedback so that it may help in improvement.

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