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Which Came First; The Chicken Or The Egg?

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Which Came First; The Chicken or The Egg?It's no secret that the egg came before the chicken.  The first chicken appeared out of an egg; whatever laid it, was whatever laid it.  It was probably an almost-chicken, but even if it was a dinasaur, the first chicken, strange, wonderful, alternative creature as it must have been, hatched from an egg; so the egg came first.  Debate it all you like; I'm 40 years old; I've had plenty of time to think about it; and no matter that greater minds than me have deliberated; I'm done.
Moving on.  Easter means Eggs, and by default, chickens are also part of the familiar child-friendly motifs and emblems we associate with Easter.  I'm a little bit of a tweaker though, and whilst I love a fluffy chick, I think other more exotic birds are equally gorgeous.  If you're a crafty-decorator, and thinking of putting together some decoratins; consider a bird and egg ensemble.
Have a look in your cupboards; what do you have that's a bird, and what do you have that's either egg-shaped or round?  Once you have those two elements, you can experiment with different ways of putting them together, using different materials to make a nest and placing it in different locations to enhance the collection.
I'm a bit of a fan of the nesting idea, so I often experiment with the idea.  In the picture (as always, you can click on it to enlarge), there's the decoration I made for last Christmas, to go on my snow-white desk, where iIused a glass bowl with gold 'ball-balls' in it and a gilded angel sitting in contemplation.  Another option is the pretty purple glitter bird sitting on an assortment of shiny eggs and a sheet of Easter Printpaper.  The clay birds are on my mother's mantelpiece at her farm, and the nest is a real one, found on the farm, the 'eggs' are pebbles from the river.  The last one, I made for Chinese New Year with my favourite find for January,  happy decoration for a side table.
The bird-nest-egg decoration is a versatile one, as well as using the idea for Easter, Christmas and Chinese New Year, but they'd also be great for a baby shower... hmmm... although you might scare the expectant mother off, given that some of those eggs are cringe-worthingly too big for some of those birds, but hey; perhaps she's just babysitting!

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