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Where Would Jesus Shop?

By Vickilane
Where Would Jesus Shop?
So, I'm coming home from my writing class in Burnsville and this sign catches my eye. I'm on a highway but I'm at the top of a rise and there is no one in sight, either way. So I stop in the middle of the road, run down the car window, grab my camera and take a few quick pictures. Still no one in sight.Where Would Jesus Shop?
Yep, that's what I thought it said.  I shake my head and put the camera down. Then I see the blue lights flashing just behind me.
The sheriff's deputy asks why I'm stopped on the highway. I think briefly about saying that the car stalled but what comes out is , "I'm sorry! I just felt compelled to stop and take a picture of that sign."
The very young deputy is as nice as can be. He looks at my license. I apologize profusely for doing such a silly thing. He tells me he just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. And that I should go along and have a nice evening.Maybe this really is God's Country.Where Would Jesus Shop? Posted by Picasa

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