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Where to Have a Mammogram

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Jean Campbell

uninsured with breast cancerBefore you get that first mammogram, make sure you are getting it at a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved location such as a clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, mammogram van.

Be sure to ask if the location you have chosen meets the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).  MQSA,  is a national law that approves all of the places where you can get a mammogram.

The FDA MQSA also makes sure that all of the people who work there have the right training and education, including the people who:

• Test the equipment to make sure it’s working
• Take your mammogram
• Study your mammogram

If You Have Breast Implants, What About a Mammogram:

• When you make your appointment, make sure to say that you have breast implants.

• If the clinic doesn’t accept patients with implants, ask them for the name and phone number of one that does.
• When you get to your appointment, remind the staff that you have implants.
• You will need a person who is trained to X-ray women with implants. Implants can hide breast
tissue and make it harder to find

What is Digital Mammography and Who Should Have It?

A regular mammogram is viewed on X-ray film. A digital mammogram is viewed on a computer.

Who should have digital mammography?

• Women under 50 years old.

• Women with “dense” breasts. (Breasts that have more tissue than fat.)

• Call your clinic or doctor to see if digital mammography is right for you.

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