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Another Beginning: I’m Going to Spend My Encore Years on “Can Do” Street

Posted on the 10 November 2015 by Jean Campbell

It’s time for another beginning. As with any beginning, there has to be an end to some activity or part of your life.

Six months after my second cancer, in 2009, at the urging from one of my doctors, I began writing this blog. Since then, I’ve written a weekly post about the latest research, resources and support services for women and men with breast cancer. I’ve enjoyed corresponding with readers who responded to my posts and knowing that the information shared on this site was of help.

I’ve been presented with the opportunity for another new beginning. The opportunity is called The Store at “Can Do” Street, which will require me to free up some time.

“Can Do” Street is “A Life Style Choices” website, for parents and their children. I developed “Can Do” Street after my first breast cancer. “Can Do” Street uses can-shaped characters to help children acquire the skills to make good choices through interactive and animated programs, activities and games.

My passion is writing – especially for children. The Store provides me with the outlet to publish 3 books a year, along with quality children’s items at affordable prices. My first book “Can Santa Find Me at Christmas?” will be available at The Store in 2 weeks.

While I will be taking this site down on November 30th, I will continue to provide breast cancer information in my breast cancer column on,

If you want to reach me, email me at [email protected].

Be sure to give yourself permission to have many a New Beginning as a Survivor!

All the best,


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