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Where To Buy Large Cheap Movie Screen Online?

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by Shemamaja @jophadelz
I have movie theater at home but need to change the movie screen because it's already old. The movie theater can be transfer outside our house especially when we have party at home so that few viewers can watch movies. I was looking for the store online where to buy large movie screen that's not too expensive or I rather say cheap. Yes, I want to buy large and cheap movie screen online. One of my friends said that I can buy large and cheap movie screen at tarps company. I got the idea to use recycled billboard tarps. They said that the old or used billboard tarps can be recycle into new tarps and sometimes can be re-made into a new tarps with new color and sizes. Then I go to the nearest tarps factory in our place and order a white-colored vinyl tarps to use as my movie screen. Of course, I bought large vinyl tarps as my movie screen for a very affordable price.Where To Buy Large Cheap Movie Screen Online?
I had share this idea to my friends who have also a movie theater at home. Yesterday I had changed the screen and tried last night to watch movies with the new large movie screen. I've enjoy watching movies and it is like HD theater. I've learned to save money and new ideas for movie screen. I hope somebody also do this idea.

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