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Where the HBD Folks Get It All Wrong

Posted on the 01 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Oxide writes:

My impression of doctrinaire HBD conservatives:

Group A has a high average IQ. Group B has a low average IQ. Group A cleverly swindles Group B out of most of its wealth. Group A is now very wealthy, while Group B is very poor. IQ differences perfectly predict the wealth disparity of the two groups, so we can simply ignore the criminal actions of Group A in trying to understand that disparity.

Yes, this is a caricature, but what I see is race realists/HBD’ers often putting all the emphasis on IQ, while ignoring very real exploitation or other historical factors that need to be considered. Even if knowing the IQ of different populations alone were to consistently produce accurate social and economic predictions, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that it is the only cause that needs to be looked at, at least from a moral or political standpoint.

I agree with this completely, and this is just the beginning of my complaints against the HBD’ers. Now mind you, my complaints against the HBD’ers are not that they are wrong. Unfortunately, I think they are correct a lot of the time. But their attitude and mindset is just ugly. There’s a hardness, coldness, callousness and almost gleeful meanness about them that is very hard to take. They don’t seem like particularly nice people. They remind me a lot of the cold engineers who were the fathers of many of my friends growing up as a boy.

HBD is frankly anti-Black propaganda. It’s an anti-Black movement. That is a large part of what it is all about. And they are quite forthcoming about this aspect of themselves.

HBD’ers seem to discount environmental of sociopolitical (see above) forces and factors altogether, which is frankly insane.

If the facts of HBD are what I think they are, to me as a liberal that is horribly depressing and discouraging. I think it would be depressing to any humanistic minded person.

HBD’ers seem to take great joy in the facts of HBD as they see them. That is because HBD’ers are almost all from the “winner” races. Of course the are delighted that they are among the “winner” races and the races they dislike (and they do dislike them) are among the “loser races.” Setting aside for a moment the crowing about who won the IQ Horse Race, the truth is that the facts of HBD are nothing to be cheered.

And I am not just saying that as a liberal either. Because what flows from the truths of HBD are things like the events in Ferguson and Baltimore and the shape that those cities are in in the first place, the vast numbers of Blacks in the criminal justice system, and massive Black failure in the school system – all of this ugliness flows from HBD.

The crime, often horrible violent crime sometimes directed at Whites themselves that HBD’ers are always screaming about flows from HBD. That’s right. All those White girls and White women murdered, sometimes in awful ways, by Black men. All those typically young White men murdered, sometimes sadistically, by Black men. These are the things that HBD’ers rant about day in and day out, but all of this awfulness in terms of behavior and outcomes flows directly from the HBD facts that the HBD’ers crow and chortle about as they swagger along.

You follow me? HBD’ers are busy acting like this is a football game (and by the way that is very immature and undignified of them to do that). Their team/race (race) is winning! Yay! Go Team White! The other team/race is losing! Yay! Down with Team Black!

They’re so busy cheering for themselves and their dubious and unearned victories that they do not realize that they are at the same time cheering for all of the awful things that flow out of HBD truths that I discussed above.

Sure, your team is winning. Good for you. I congratulate you on doing an excellent job in choosing your parents! But that rival team that you are beating – they are not losing like gentlemen. Along with their loss flows an incredible amount of destruction, violence, failure, devastation and extreme pathology that effects all of us who have to live in this country. So really when the HBD’ers cheer for their worldview, they are cheering for those Black men who raped and murdered little girls, who stabbed a White mother and her son to death with 50 knife thrusts. They are cheering for Detroit, Ferguson and Baltimore, the Knockout Game and flash-mobs.

I’ve got some news for you cocky HBD’ers.

HBD is nothing to cheer about.

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