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Where is Everyone?

By Rubytuesday
Is it just me or is blogger deathly quiet at the moment Hardly any blogs show up on my reader now adays And it seems that more and more people are abandoning their blogs I hope and pray this is because they have got wellBecause they don't need this support anyoreI hope it's because they are now living a full and rich life and don't need this outlet anymoreI hope it's because they finally told their EDs to fox trot OscarIn other words to f#*k right off
I'm wondering is it blogger?Is blogger yesterday's news?Have people move on to something else?Wordpress?Tumble?Instagram? Twitter?Blogger is the only social media I really useI'm not a big FacebookerNever have beenBut blogger means a lot to meNext month I'll be blogging three yearsThat is great for meAs I am a person that tends to start things with great enthusiasmAnd usually gives up when I get boredBut blogger keeps me coming backMainly because of you wonderful ladiesI've followed some of your stories for yearsI genuinely care and worry about you allAnd you mean a lot to meWe are all now part of each other's storiesWe're woven in to the tapestry of each other's livesEven if blogger is old newsI still want to be part of it
It seems people want to see photos more than they want to read textIt's easy to post a photoA picture tells a thousand words and all thatBut here in our little corner of bloggerWe are all about the storyWe keep up with each other's livesOur ups and downsOur highs and lowsOur progress and our setbacksIt's important for me to keep up with what's happening on your livesAnd I still think about bloggers who aren't around any moreAnd wonder how they are
My sister and my Dad and I We're having a conversation the other day about the InternetAnd whether having online relationships are good for us or notMy dad made the point that people don't talk face to face anymoreThat people text ot email rather than having a face to face conversation Or a phone allAnd that the art of conversation is being lostFor me It's all about balanceHaving my virtual life and giving time to itWhile at the same timeNot neglecting my real life relationshipsNurturing both I meanI still think it's amazing that we can be in touch with people all around the worldThat we can be best friends with someone that we have never even metI am in contact daily with people from the four corners of the earthThat is pretty awesome
So what can we do to make sure our little community survives?First I think it's important to acknowledge that for a lot of usBlogger is the only social interaction we haveBlogger is literally a life saver for a lot of usI know when I was up to my neck in my EDBlogger saved my sanity countless timesSo I think it's important we preserve what we haveI guess what we can do is keep supporting each otherRead each other's blogsCommentStay in touch through text or emailAnd also welcome new people inI know that I can be wary of new people But I guess we were all new onceSo we should really be open to new bloggers joining our community
I know that a lot of people think what we have here is no where near that healthyThat we are 'Pro-ana'And we don't encourage each other to recover We do of course encourage each other to choose recoveryBut we don't force it on each otherIf someone decides that they don't want to recoverWe respect that choiceWhile still encouraging the person to stay as well and as safe as possibleWe don't promote EDsWe don't condone tips and tricksWe genuinely care about each otherAnd want nothing but the best for each other
I for one am extremely grateful for this communityAnd for each and everyone of youWho all have a place in my heart I have never met any of youAnd may never meet youBut you have been for me for the last three yearsYou have seen me at my worstAt my lowestAnd you never once judged me Especially after my most recent relapseYou all were there for meEven those of you that I hurtYou never gave up on meAnd I will be eternally grateful for that
I was wondering about youDo you think blogger is quiet at the moment?Why do you think that is?Do you think there is anything we can do to preserve our community?Do you think it is worth saving?I'd love to know what you think......

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