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Where I Find Rest.

By Jenrene

I have found rest in some of the smallest uncozy spaces . And then when I see this frustrated, restless self of mine, I regroup.

My rest often hides in spaces I haven't been in a while . I am finding rest in books. Books titled "Present Over Perfect."

I'm learning here, in the book self care involving being intentional about being present with those i love , and letting them know it.

I mean, when the last time you looked your loved one in the eye and said :" You know I really, really love you, right - and here's why..." and you tell them.

And then I find myself sleeping in late; maybe until nine, or ten sometimes on weekends. Or I walk a bit in the woods; or laugh at myself and sing some old songs or I listen to jazz because " good jazz" makes you dance and get 'all the way' down.

Where I Find Rest.
Photo by You Are So Beautiful Photography

Maybe the moments of rest are within our souls: capturing everything we normally miss... when we blink. When we hear those voices deep down in our heart speaks and whispers "Tell them..." and then you hesitate and say it - not because it's just senseless, but because there's a chance by saying it , it materializes into a deep truth,& a deep comfort for the one whose ears received it.

This is being present over perfect.

And that all matters .

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