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Where Do All the Pens Disappear Too?

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

Have you found yourself asking this question a lot? I know I do! And it's not just pens that I can never find in the house. Whenever I need an envelope, a piece of paper, Sellotape, it all seems to have disappeared into that bermuda triangle full of odd socks, dummies and stationery!

When I was working I always seemed to have the odd pen or envelope in my bag, however, now I have nothing!

I can spend a fortune buying the odd envelope here and notepad there. It has made me think about buying stationery in bulk so that I can always keep a stock of those essential items that we often need.

I am always needing notepads and pens for jotting down blog ideas or the shopping lists and meal plans and Little Mr A has started keeping a diary now so notebooks are high in demand!

As Little Mr A gets older he is getting more into arts and crafts and we get through quite a lot of paper and glue. It would be nice to know we have a good stash in so that he can do it on a whim rather than me having to plan out when he can do it and what supplies we need!

Viking Direct have a great range of stationery together with art and craft materials at very reasonable prices.

Not only that, whilst ordering your stationery, you can also pick up gigantic tubs of hot chocolate and coffee or massive bags of tea bags. We get through a lot of tea bags with me being at home and I think this would be a great way to save some money. As an added bonus a lot of the drinks come with a free chocolate treat too!

Now where's that notepad I need to make a shopping list.....

Where do all the pens disappear too?
Where do all the pens disappear too?
Where do all the pens disappear too?
Disclaimer - As a thank you for writing this post we were provided with the wonderful goodies pictured above.
Where do all the pens disappear too?

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