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Where Are the Men At? Where Are the Women At?

Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

City Lab.

Martin Prosperity.

A few take home points: Almost every sizable city in the US has more men than women from age 18-34. It’s a cockfest out there, boys. This is why young women are such notorious bitches. They can afford to be. Everybody wants them, and there is a long line of guys waiting, competing and fighting over each one. Female vanity and solipsism is endlessly indulged in these years and the Pussy Pass is your ticket to scot-free living.

From age 35-44, things change a lot, and how about 50% of cities have more men, and 50% have more women. The hen parties are in the South and on the East Coast, especially the Northeast. California is still an ugly cockfest, but at least the sunsets are nice. Really the whole West is has excess males, but not by much.

From 45-64, things really start looking up for single men. More men are gay, mentally or physically ill, living in poverty, on drugs or alcohol, in jail or prison or simply dead. A single relative used to say “straight, sane and solvent.” This is what she was looking for in this age category, and they were not easy to come by, but then she was picky.

However, let me tell you, I have been on dating sites, and the hottest women even aged 55-60 still have whole armies of men chasing after them. I talked to one beautiful 60 year old who told me that 200 men had contacted her on the site in the past two days. So I suppose some things never change, but it does get easier to get a date.

In recent years, women keep telling me what a great catch I am, and how much better I am than most men my age. By that they mean looks, but maybe they mean other things too. I hear things like, “Why hasn’t anyone snapped you up yet?” Women start competing and fighting over the best men. They advertise their sexual skills and try to one-up each other to see who can be kinkier and more perverted. And women that age are about the kinkiest and most perverted of all. Not sure why, but maybe they have had a whole lifetime to accumulate a lot of nice kinks. Sometimes I can’t believe my life, and I think I am living in a gonzo porn movie. I am serious.

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