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Where amI?

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

When it is a lethargy of the mind. You know you sit back, write the story, you are even amused and smile. The story flows, your adrenalin picks up a further step. You find you have been enthused for hours and you hold an animated discussion with your characters. Sigh, that was all in your mind. You come to reality when the empty computer screen mocks you with its flashes. You stand up and move to the window, its dark. Its November, the sky has not stopped weeping. Since October actually. You move to the computer again. Stare at it and wonder if you are ever going to write. You can’t remember how many times these scenes have been played out by you. It is a mercy that you have even returned to posting on your blog. Or go for a walk.
Well you did last evening, go for a walk I mean, surprised to feel the vibrant air again and your legs ached. You wonder why you did not notice the roses were now in bloom. Where have you been? You pinch your skin, and that is when you notice the wrinkles under your arm. In alarm, you hurry to your bedroom. You did not notice you had gotten that old. A long full stare in the mirror and those sad eyes weren’t your eyes were they?
Where had life gone? The phone rings and it startles you. A deep voice at the end of the line tells you nothing. The croak couldn’t be your voice surely? So you clear it and a whisper comes forth. A voice that had not been used for a while timidly wants to know who the caller is.
‘Your husband darling, are you awake now’?
I have a husband? You wonder
‘Do you feel better now’?
Have I been sick? I just went away into the meadows of my mind. Did I leave anyone behind?
You become anxious and stare suspiciously at the phone
‘Who is this please’?
Then the soft laugh and a gentle reassuring voice shakes you awake
‘Wake up darling, you slept off at the computer, must have been a boring story. Your grandson is at the door asking to see you’.
The steps bounce in, the smile of the sun as my grandson says
‘Grandma, I have finished the comic, care to read’?
Big sigh of relief

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