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My Name is Esan

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

The day promised to be very hot. He had his bath and still felt sticky, Esan imagined it was because of the dream. His nose still twitched from the smoke. Dressed, he got into his car and drove to the office. He saw Liz and gave her a grin, she scowled in return

Good morning

There is nothing good about the morning

It is standard greeting

Yeah and Liz gave the computer a scowl. Esan shrugged and went to his seat

More staff started arriving and Esan joined in the general camaraderie that was a television production room

Mr. Sunny walked in and the room went gradually quiet as he seemed to be looking at programme schedule for the day.

Liz got up from her desk, she had ignored the general teasing of the production boys and seemed preoccupied with the computer. She only looked up when Sunny walked in and said a brief hello. Esan was intrigued. Generally Liz was seen as one of the boys. She related with the other production staff. In fact he noticed that she had a wicked sense of humor and would give as much back chat during post mortems like the rest of staff. He knew that some of the boys wanted to sleep with her and he had always been amused by  her comments that the boys could not satisfy her. Esan always kept away from such discussion because the boys all knew about Tumi and left him alone.

The only person who never ever spoke about Tumi nor tease was Liz.

Liz now came over to his table and gave him another frown. Esan smiled

Think you can give the day a chance?

Do you know the meaning of names? Liz asked him abruptly

Esan stared, then shrugged  Is that your next programme?

Yeah, Sunny wants me to find out the meaning of names, like the idiots who call their babies Sunny for instance Liz clipped as Sunny walked up to them

Esan tried not to laugh.

Sunny raised his eyebrows and gave Liz a smile. There was a strange look in his eyes as he regarded Liz

I am Sunny by nature

Esan suddenly noticed the strain as Liz gave their boss a casual look and Sunny stuck his hands into his pockets and turned his back on Liz giving all his attention to Esan

I know the meaning of your name Esan, it means retribution in your language right?

Yes Mr. Sunny

All weapons fashioned against you cannot prosper right? Liz said in a mocking tone and turned around to give Sunny a baleful look

Sunny grinned. That is right? When am I to expect your programme ?

Esan replied ‘I should submit by Wednesday against a Thursday transmission’

Cool, I have given Jide the go ahead to schedule and included your programme for 11 pm

Thanks Esan murmured

Sunny gave Liz a mocking bow, And when will her ladyship bring her synopsis to the office for me to approve?

Liz snapped ‘It is already on your table’

Sunny walked off and Liz sighed ‘One of these days he will find I have claws and I scratch bloody’

She wiped her eyes. A mannerism that Esan found  unsettling. He however did not feel like asking her why.

The day ended for Esan with a phone call from Tumi asking if he was coming over for dinner. Suddenly the smoke smell came back and he told her he was going to be busy with editing his story. He tidied up his desk and headed for the editing room. He had refused to edit his story at the station because he wanted it as a surprise for everyone. He smiled imagining the reaction of Sunny when they watch the programme. He wanted special effects of burning fingers as he planned on being the narrator. His face darkened as he remembered the woman telling him the story

She had walked up to him by the street .

She spoke in a soft voice and most times he had to lean over to hear what she was saying. It was a good thing she had given him permission to record.

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