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The Age of Reflection

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

I am learning a few things. I still write. I am grateful. I am learning though man’s ability for hate. Our indolence to watch the reputation and Goodwill ofs somebody else beeingb stripped away from him. In the last one year or more, humanity has been under a severe pandemic. We have lost friends, loved ones sometimes names just appear and we get cold shivers. The grave has been very busy receiving bodies.

There’s something else that has been growing. We have received posts, stories by supposed experts. I learned about conspiracy stories. I learned about a group of people whose sole aim is to warn me against anyone who might be silly enough to wish to help me fight or survive the pandemic. They tell me, that the pandemic is something evil, created from a lab to wipe me out of existence. Another one warns me against considering vaccines. It is interesting and sad. Have we really considered how we got here? I used to think that when I get to 70, I would understand everything. I had a lot of fun chatting with my grandma. I have fun watching my grandchildren. At different age levels, they offer me a world through their eyes. I learn and I am grateful at my wonder when they see a world that I left years ago. Standing at the departure hall of this existence, I wait for my ticket to be called. My hunger now is a curiosity what my journey will feel like. To the best of my understanding, I will chat again …soon I hope.

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