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When Your Heart Speaks…Listen.

By Jenrene

When Your Heart Speaks…Listen.

Listen to your heart. The things your heart tells you.

Listen to the beat, as it undulates. Moves smoothly. Find its cadence. Find its rhythm.

Your heart tells you when to STOP. It tells you when to GO. Your heart tells you when to LISTEN.

Your heart tells you when to Pray, to BELIEVE…To trust.

It warns you of DANGER.

Your heart tells you when to FEEL. What to feel. When to see the truth.

When to not doubt, when its time to move FORWARD. When to LET GO… To BE.

To BREATHE. When it’s time to SING. When it’s time to experience SORROW, and to GRIEVE.

Your heart knows JOY. LIVE it. It provides the DIRECTION, if only you LISTEN.

Your heart knows PAIN. FEEL it.

Your heart knows PEACE. CULTIVATE it.

If you listen to others before you LISTEN first to your heart, you aren’t really LIVING.

It’s God’s microphone to your DESTINY.

Its pitter-patter has a CAUSE. Your heart has a CALL.

Let the call LEAD you into SAFE places. Places where GROWTH happens.

Where reason is exchanged for WISDOM. Where your INTUITION speaks louder than your desires.

Where HOPES and INTENTIONS herald your FAITH.

Listen to your heart.

It’s leading you. Lending CAUTION to the wind. Helping you to UNDERSTAND…

PACE yourself, BRACE yourself. MAKE your-SELF.

PLACE yourself.

In a large place. A place where God’s VOICE reigns.

It’s the place of His communication. Where the judge takes His seat.

Determines your FATE.

The heart is a place that keeps God close…conquers your fears; helps you to STAND.

Definitively. Proudly. With DIGNITY, and with GRACE.

With PURPOSE and PASSION… A love for God, first.

Save Yourself.

Listen to your heart today.

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