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When Women Are Too Much in Love

By Rosaliecarter

There is one good old axiom originated from the Greek philosophy which sounds like “nothing too much” and can be applied to different spheres of life, love and relations included. When it is too good it can easily turn out bad. In relations, like in any other system, there is a principle of conservation of energy which means a constant pursuit of balance. “Too much” of any kind is bad because it leads the system out of balance.

For example, some girls do not distinguish between the form and content. They think that to love is to show their affection in all possible ways. These girls call there partners all possible tender names, use “I love you” like an interjection when there is a necessity to fill in the pause in the conversation. They hug their men too often, show their feelings too openly. Of all the other sits they prefer their men’s knees. You can catch them drawing the hearts with their fingers on the men’s foreheads or sending sms every five minutes to remind of their feelings. The unprepared man can run away scared seeing such passion. The prepared one can get extremely annoyed and run away as well. So, to avoid this sad result, use the rule of “three to one” – allow yourself one sign of attention for every three signs from a man. It will keep him interested and save some mystery in your relations.

Another scenario is when the woman worships her partner; dedicate him poems or songs, suffer sleepless nights while dreaming about him and loose extra weight while refusing to eat donuts for the sake of their love. As usual, the reason of this unhealthy behavior is the need of drama, and it is better if this drama is exposed to the public views. People will notice this desperately in love girl, will talk about her and appreciate the strength of her feelings. Being in love so much is a good way to attract attention and acquire the status of a significant person.

The phenomenon of being too much in love becomes more and more popular nowadays. One of the reasons of it is that our emotional needs have changed during the last years. We receive a greater amount of emotional doping in the form of romantic books, movies with dramatic plots, songs full of unbearable love sufferings. The propaganda of drama makes us want unhealthy relations. Safety and comfort were claimed to be something boring and out of trend. However, it does not mean that they can not make you happy any more.

There are some signs of unhealthy relations which can warn you that something is wrong. For example, if you feel guilty in front of him, if you think that he will not survive without you, if you believe that he can change and often listen to the traumatic experience of his childhood, if you pay more attention to his life and development than to your own needs, it is time to change your behavioral pattern.

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