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Vacuum Massage Experience

By Rosaliecarter

Some time ago, I bought vacuum cups for body massage and wet cleaner (vacuum skin cleansing device) for the face. I used both a few times now and I think I should share it with you.
I wasn’t sure whether or not I should buy those cups because from what I’ve heard vacuum massage leaves marks all other the body and I didn’t want that – I’d have to be sore all the time with bruises all over the body, and how is that better than cellulite? But since those cups were on sale I bought them anyway, along with the face cleaner.
As for the wet cleaner I grabbed this one and these are the vacuum cups I now proudly own.
I drew a bath, dragged my laptop into the bathroom, and turned on my favorite Linkin Park song Lost in th Echo to get me into the right mood. So I got into the tub and in about 10 minutes used the wet cleaner. It works from batteries and doesn’t suck in your skin too much, so this won’t help you get rid of blackheads and stuff like that. Well, maybe it will, but it may take time. I don’t see the result just yet. Although after using the wet cleaner my skin does look a bit healthier and smoother.
The main thing about cups is – you need to spread oil over your skin before you start. Not body cream, but oil. I already knew that you don’t have to give much pressure to your skin because I had just finished “vacuuming” my face with what seemed to be a weak vacuuming device. Besides, I read that you have to increase pressure gradually to avoid stressing out your skin. That’s what I did. I tried to not make it hurt; the manual said that you need to work thighs throwing zigzags there (for butt – circles). I followed general guidelines of this video on how to make it, you can see there how to place it on your skin properly.
I was pretty sure I would get marks on my thighs the next day, but I didn’t. And those cups helped right away! Skin surface is much smoother than it used to be. I guess that didn’t take much effort on my part because I’m skinny but still, it worked!
What I’m saying is: this vacuum thing is definitely worth trying, it is a great exercise for your skin, just make sure you don’t overdo it.
I’m guessing if it is so easy to achieve results, then they will probably disappear just as easily. Cellulite is fat, and if you don’t get rid of fat and gain muscle instead, then you will have to use those cups every day till the rest of your life to distribute fat evenly and prevent cellulite. It works the same way with face, so you have to exercise.

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