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When Was The Last Time YOU Had Cupcakes??

By Jenrene


I don’t know about you but growing up, I really liked cupcakes. I remember telling my mother one birthday, I just wanted cupcakes. And Mom used to often have them every birthday, after that. Over time, I fell out of love with cupcakes, because I just didn’t eat them much anymore.

Don’t think I am gonna do that, anymore, because today,  had them again….

Here’s what I say, don’t forget to eat your cupcakes. Why? Because they remind you to be a kid again.

Be young, stay young and let someone treat you to cupcake, every now and then.

And…If you’re in a good mood, it may be best to warm them up!

Be sure to ASK for a CUPCAKE, that’s nicely decorated, too. They are just cuter…

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