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When Sheet Masks Review – The Last Choice, Snow Magic

By Apoorva @perksofbeauty

J.C People Company Limited is the home of the brand When. Armed only with a firm belief that 'BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP' and a discerning taste for quality, we ventured into the world of beauty in July 2011 kicking off with When line of masks in Korea. Since then, we have expanded our market reach to the US, Europe and the Middle East. China is our next destination and we are continuing our rigorous march towards the goal of becoming a GLOBAL SKIN CARE BRAND.

Our mission is to develop and deliver sustainable, high value-adding products with innovative functions and creative design. Our brand When represents SIMPLE, PRACTICAL SKIN CARE SOLUTIONS for today's woman who leads an active lifestyle with multiple responsibilities and a busy schedule.

When is TLC for your skin. Enjoy!

TLC - Tender Loving Care.

What are sheet masks?
Sheet masks are typically cotton or fiber sheets which are pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in liquid formulas that are made to treat the skin. Sheet masks are cut to fit the contour of your face with holes to protect your face's most sensitive parts - i.e. the eyes, lips, and nostrils.
What do they do?
Sheet masks are very effective in delivering nutrients to the skin due to its close dermal contact. They are especially effective as they trap the formula on top of your skin, forcing the it to absorb the formula and seal in moisture ("occlusion"). Depending on the ingredients used in the formula, sheet masks typically provide intense hydration and nourishment, offering hassle-free application and instant results. Moreover, no additional procedures (i.e. wash-off) or tools are required after use.
What are sheet masks made of?
Sheet masks were originally made with fabric or pulp but due to their limitations, better alternative materials have been developed. Bio-cellulose sheet has proven to be more effective and eco-friendly compared to fabric or hydro-gel materials.

The mask sheet is as important as the ingredients used in the formula since it acts as delivery agent. The sheet needs to completely and closely cover the skin, otherwise, the formula will tend to evaporate leaving the skin cooled but without the job properly done.

I am a Korean beauty, makeup and skincare addict. I love anything and everything related to Korea. The face mask is really an important step in the skincare routine and the Korean skincare swears by their very own sheet masks.
They have a sheet mask for every skin issue and the ingredients vary depending on one's need and skin concern.
I have got two sheet masks for review, thanks to When and Brandbacker for the opportunity. I know I am very late in reviewing these but I had my own constraints. Anyway, better late than never. So, I have used to try the two masks and I am all set to share my review.
To start off, I had severe dry skin during the winter, combination kind in the spring time and now I'm back struggling with dry patchy skin. So, all my skincare is targeting at treating dry skin.
The when sheet mask is just in time to treat my skin. The when sheet mask is a sheet mask which is dipped in lot lot of food essence, that immediately relaxes the skin and allows the skin to absorb the nutrients which results in a healthy looking skin.
I have used the when sheet mask in the night before sleeping, as I felt my tired skin gets reformed during my sleep and using the when sheet mask helps my skin restore the lost glow naturally.
I spread the when sheet mask over my face, kept it intact for over 30 minutes , and then removed the mask. After I took off the mask, I rubbed the leftover essence into my skin. This did make my skin a bit oily, but the essence got absorbed into my skin in no time.
I woke up to see a glowing face and healthy skin.
For the price, the sheet mask does more than what we pay for a high-end overnight repair mask. I would love to try all the other variants and as of now, I loved both of the when sheet masks - the last choice and snow magic.

I have received the products for review by When through brandbacker, however, my review is honest and unbiased.

And Finally, this is me, wearing the when sheet masks:

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