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Budgeting Made Easy with

By Apoorva @perksofbeauty

I have always been a girl who can never live by a budget. If I ever get a chance to change something about my younger self is that I should have been budgeting. Back then, I worked for over five years before moving to the US, and trust me, I saved nothing from my salary. I always spent it out on random things. It feels terrible to think about it now but I was still the same until the pandemic hit the world.

Life has never been the same for most of us and I am immensely grateful to God that I am alive. During the lockdown, I have started learning new things and picked up some habits. I decided to be financially safe and wanted to prepare for the worst. I wanted to keep track of my finances but I was lost as I was confused with too many unwanted numbers.

Budgeting made easy with

That's when came to my rescue. This is an online website that offers help with anything related to personal finances. When I say help, it helps literally anyone with no prior knowledge about budgeting. The website provides us with a variety of online calculators related to finances and budgeting. offers advice and help related to the following:

The Budgeting Calculator and the Credit card usage calculator

I know I wanted to try this the moment I opened the website. Overall, I am really bad at keeping track of my expenses and saving money. I used the credit card usage calculator to know my current balance and the interest and calculated the total debt. Am I scared? Yes.

Budgeting made easy with

Even though I am a bit nervous, I tried the budgeting calculator where I filled the details like my income, the bills that I usually pay, utilities, loans, recreation, clothes etc., After changing the monthly limit on entertainment and shopping, my budget looks like it is workable. These calculators did shock me for a minute, I never did notice how much I was spending on the useless stuff.

Budgeting made easy with

Why do I want to continue budgeting?

By now you may have understood why I need to budget. I want to be responsible and I want to be less worried about my future. I want to take charge of my finances like a boss and if it takes some sacrifices, I am ready for it.

The pandemic did teach me a lot of new things about myself - I learned that I can become what I want and I don't need anyone around me to teach me stuff. I have learned that I am my own boss.

Budgeting made easy with

I hope you start your journey to budgeting today... Thanks.

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