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When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

By Ingridd @cosytraveler

During our visit to Nazaré, we stayed in a place called Peniche:

Somehow, Lars and I had high hopes about this town. Our travel guide described it as picturesque but we found it to be ... boring and overcrowded.

Maybe it was also the bad weather; it was cloudy most of the time. Maybe it was the fair that attracted even more tourists... We really have no explanation, it just didn't "click"... Luckily, we were only there for 2 nights.

Anyway, when the sun shone for a moment, I was able to make these pictures of the nearest beach:

And... that's it... I had even hoped to do one or two sessions of bodysurfing, but there were no waves at this beach. And the beaches where there were waves - big waves - were too crowded and we couldn't get rid of the car. Maybe the circumstances were against us; maybe if we had come at another moment - outside the tourist season, we would have had another, more positive experience.

I decided that we could further explore the Portuguese cuisine. After the piri-piri chicken and the cataplana, it was time for another classic, the caldeirada.

When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

As you can more or less see on the picture, this is a fish and seafood stew with vegetables (tomatoes, onions and peppers), bread and potatoes. Delicious and filling!

We liked the restaurant so much that we came back for another seafood dish: deep-fried calamaritos (small squids).

When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

Tomato rice accompanied the seafood.

When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

What can I say? This was foodie paradise!

By the way, when you go to a Portuguese restaurant, in most cases, the waiter will put all kinds of yummy stuff on your table before you order. For example:

When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat
When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

Tempting and delicious, isn't it? But these dishes do cost something - especially those shrimps! Check your menu carefully and if they are not listed, ask the waiter and make clear which one(s) you will consume.

That being said, Lars and I are willing to give Peniche a second chance. My dream is to come back during winter and drive to Nazaré and see some awesome monstrous waves!

Like this post? Then certainly stay tuned for Wednesday and Friday: there is more delicious food coming up!

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