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When Do You Retire?

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

I came into my 70th year recently. I understand that women don’t like talking about their age. I hear that and I wonder why. I am anxious about quite a lot of things. Naturally, as we get older, we stare at the grave more intently and we attempt to take stock of our journey so far. I have been asking myself quite a lot of questions. What do they mean when they say one should retire? I still have stories running riot in my head. I have been so disillusioned by the poor sales that I am hesitant to publish. I know my country does not really like reading except it becomes compulsory. I really wish to share but who wants to share with me? I do not want to be maudlin so I simply sigh and keep quiet. My dwindling resources demands that I must have a will to continue living and not be beggarly. I live in a country that has no safety nets for its elderly. It has dumped such responsibilities on the younger generation. Here is the rub, the younger generation have no safety nets either!
When do you retire? How did we come to this pass? I don’t think our leaders have ever given it a thought. Can we retire? I don’t think so because as you get older, you need to keep your mind and body busy. Not strenuously as to aggravate your physical strength but enough to maintain a balance. Garden sense, I call it. I ask myself, the world has gone so digital that even emotional stability is digitalized these days. Natural emotions as compassion, respect and love for one another is derided as being old school. The pace is so frighteningly technical that I wonder if might wake up to a very mechanical soulless world.
I really don’t have an answer.
Meanwhile, I want to take pleasure in the things I have always loved, like writing. Poetry,. Watching young people grapple with the mysteries that has held the world for aeons. I have become more interested in past civilizations, as I look with some curiosity to the future. I guess it means I am really getting old. I am very curious these days, Always asking why?
I watch my grandchildren, listen to their conversation. They are very assertive and confident about their ability to handle the world and live it on their own terms. I find that refreshing. I ask myself, why should I retire? Curiosity is an ageless thing. You keep alive for as long as you are curious. I hope one day when my flight is announced, I will be eager and curious about my next destination
Bah! This one was really a maudlin piece, right? I will do better next time. Promise.

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